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Tesla Cybertruck

Now open for ordering the Tesla Cybertruck - What is is and the facts and figures you need to know.

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For a £100 you can now place your order for Tesla's all new Cybertruck but what is it and why would you buy one?

Well it is a vehicle like no other you will see on the road. A futuristic angular vehicle described by Tesla as "Better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car".

The Cybertruck might be described as a 4 door 6 seat pickup with a 100 cubic foot of rear lockable storage and the ability to carry a 3500 of payload. You can also tow up to 14,000 pounds and has a 16 inch ground clearence

Standard Equipment includes Autopilot, Adaptive Air Suspension and a 17 inch Touch Screen

The Cybertruck comes in 3 models - Single Motor Rear Wheel Drive, Dual Motor All Wheel Drive and Tri Motor All Wheel Drive. With an impressive range of over 500 miles could this be the future of motoring? It will be a while before you see one in the flesh (late 2021 for the Dual and Tri Motor and late 2022 for the Single Motor) but for £100 you can place your refundable order with Tesla.

Here are the facts and figures (based on the US spec and may vary when it gets to Europe)

Single Motor RWD

0-60 MPH - 6.5 seconds, Range 250+ miles(EPA EST.), Storage100 CU FT, Vault Length 6.5 FT, Towing Capacity 7500+ lbs

Dual Motor AWD

0-60 MPH - 4.5 seconds, Range 300+ miles(EPA EST.), Storage 100 CU FT, Vault Length 6.5 FT, Towing Capacity 10000+ lbs

Tri Motor AWD

0-60 MPH - 2.9 seconds, Range 500+ miles(EPA EST.), Storage 100 CU FT, Vault Length 6.5 FT, Towing Capacity 14000+ lbs

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14th of July 2020