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Hybrid and Electric

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Explained

You may have heard of the terms Hybrid, Plug in Hybrid (PHEV), Electric and Mild Hybrid, but what does it all mean?


This is a vehicle that has a conventional petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor that is capable of driving the car on its own using batteries built into the car. The batteries are charged via the normal driving process. During breaking and while coasting, the movement of the vehicle charges the batteries. In most driving situations the vehicle uses both the combustion engine and the battery to drive the vehicle.

Mild Hybrid

Similar to the Hybrid vehicle but where the electric motor only assists in the driving of the vehicle but the vehicle is incapable of being driven purely on battery power.

Plug in Hybrid (PHEV)

As with a Hybrid engine the vehicle is driven by both the conventional combustion engine (petrol or diesel) and an electric motor via on board batteries but unlike the standard hybrid the larger batteries can be charged from an external source. This gives the vehicle greater range on the electric motor than a conventional hybrid vehicle. The batteries will still be topped up via the normal driving process during breaking and while coasting.

Full Electric

These vehicles are powered purely by an electric motor alone. The batteries are charged by an external source (either domestic plug, specialised charging point or public charging point. Vehicles have limited range depending on the size of battery. The time to charge will depend on the charging points used (some vehicles can be charged via a rapid charge system charging to about 80% in 30 minutes).

List of Hybrid and Electric vehicles currently available in the UK

  • Audi  - e-tron Estate (Electric)
  • BMW - i3 (Electric), i8 Coupe & Roadster (Electric), 2 Series Active Tourer (PHEV), 5 Series Saloon (PHEV), 7 Series Saloon (PHEV)
  • Citroen - C Zero (Electric)
  • Ford - Mondeo Saloon & Estate (Hybrid)
  • Honda - CR-V SUV (PHEV)
  • Hyundai - Ioniq (Hybrid, PHEV & Electric), Kona (Electric)
  • Infiniti - Q50 (Hybrid)
  • Jaguar - i-Pace (Electric)
  • Kia - Niro (Hybrid, PHEV & Electric), Optima Estate (PHEV)
  • Land Rover - Ranger Rover Sport (PHEV), Range Rover (PHEV)
  • Lexus - CT hatch (Hybrid), UX SUV (Hybrid), IS saloon (Hybrid), NX SUV (Hybrid), ES saloon (Hybrid), RC coupe (Hybrid), RX SUV  (Hybrid),  RX-L SUV (Hybrid), LC coupe (Hybrid), LS saloon (Hybrid)
  • Mercedes-Benz - E Class saloon & estate (PHEV), S Class saloon (PHEV), EQC SUV (Electric)
  • Mini - Countryman (PHEV)
  • Mitsubishi - Outlander (PHEV)
  • Nissan - Leaf (Electric), E-NV200 Combi (Electric)
  • Porsche - Cayenne (PHEV), Panamera (PHEV)
  • Renault - Twizzy (Electric), Zoe (Electric)
  • Smart - Fortwo coupe & cabriolet (Electric), Fourfour (Electric)
  • Suzuki - Ignis (Hybrid), Swift (Hybrid)
  • Tesla - Model S (Electric), Model X (Electric)
  • Toyota - Yaris (Hybrid), Corolla hatch, estate & saloon (Hybrid), C-HR (Hybrid), Rav4 (Hybrid), Prius (Hybrid & PHEV), Prius+ (Hybrid), Camry (Hybrid)
  • Volkswagen - e-Golf (Electric)
  • Volvo - V60 (PHEV), S90 (PHEV), V90 (PHEV), XC60 (PHEV), XC90 (PHEV)

List of vehicles coming soon
(please call for details of when certain vehicles will be available)

  • Bentley - Bentayga (Hybrid)
  • Ford - Kuga (PHEV)
  • Honda - e-prototype (Electric)
  • Kia - Soul (Electric)
  • Mini - Cooper Hatch (Electric)
  • Peugeot - e-208 (Electric), 3008 SUV (PHEV), 508 saloon & estate (PHEV)
  • Subaru - XV SUV (PHEV),Forester (PHEV)
  • Tesla - Model 3 (Electric)
  • Vauxhal - Corsa (Electric), Grandland X (PHEV)
  • Volkswagen - e-up (Electric), Golf GTE (PHEV), Passat saloon & estate (PHEV)

Manufacturers with no vehicles

  • Abarth - No vehicles
  • Alfa Romeo - No vehicles
  • Aston Martin - No vehicles
  • Dacia - No vehicles
  • DS - No vehicles
  • Fiat - No Vehicles
  • Jeep - No vehicles
  • Lotus - No vehicles
  • Maserati - No vehicles
  • Mazda - No vehicles
  • MG Motor UK - No Vehicles
  • Seat - No vehicles
  • Skoda - No vehicles
  • Ssangyong - No vehicles

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